When I just entered the university in Nanning city, China, where all over the world were still functional phones. Nokia, Motorola, HTC and blackberry were the most popular mobile phone options. I’ve never heard of anything about new technology, till one day one of my friends said, a guy called Steve Jobs in the United States invented a truly new kind of phone, called "iPhone", it is a Smartphone with big area LCD screen on the front and operate by App softwares.

But I didn’t know how to buy an iPhone, and maybe I didn’t even be able to afford one. Beyond my expectation, Chinese factories were competing with each other to launch their models, and by the end of 2011, I finally got one. That model was ZTE MT788, operated by Android system.

I was obsessed with this new gadget, because I never touched such phone with a big screen. I used it to search information from Baidu.com, watch video on youku.com, and play games from Tencent, It was an excited experience.

But the things came later really made me sad. One day I was standing at the front gate of the college of Foreign Language of Guangxi University, the Associate Dean, Professor Yang, came to me and said: "Hey, Lincoln, how are you, and do you have a cell phone now? I need to borrow yours to make a really urgent call !"

I immediately took it out from my pocket, and showed it to the professor, but the damn phone just could not work well. I pressed the button for more than 2 minutes and then I realized it was quality problem. She was looking at me, hoping my phone could help her out, but came desperate. I said sorry, but I was not able to help you for this urgent call. She had to leave and went to others for help.

This unpleasant experience brought me into deep thought. China is a very big country with full industry chain, but it seemed we never made something that are marvelous enough for several decades. We need to produce something which quality can last lifetime long; We need to have some brands that are famous and trusted by all over the world, and we need to have technology and innovation that change the life of human beings.

From that time on, I started the journey for seeking knowledge, design and innovation, trying to solve the situation that bad quality products are everywhere, so later I created my own tech brand, DUYIO. By using the high quality material, making our own design and structure, I found a fantastic world. I found the superhero within me by applying the design philosophy of simplicity and sustainability, and seeing who I wanted to be.

My products are sold with much higher price than the average market, but orders kept coming all the time. I thought I could begin to change the world.

But the life is more complex than we could think.

April 2, 2016, on the eve of Ching Ming Festival. My brother and me took the Bus from the metropolis of Guangzhou back to the old town to sweep the tomb for the ancestors. At about 5 am the next day, there was still light rain, and the car arrived at the center of the town. We needed to take a motorcycle to go back to the rural home. Unfortunately, less than half an hour later, the motorcycle and the illegally driving Van crashed. The driver, my brother and me were thrown out of the motorcycle.
The motorcycle driver died on the spot, my left knee was broken, and my brother broke the two bones of his left, and the illegal van driver was imprisoned.
At the moment of the accident, I tried to calm myself down, hold my breath and save my life. After the accident, people living nearby immediately rushed to help, someone immediately called the emergency ambulance, someone held me an umbrella, and someone gave me warm water to keep calm. Their enthusiasm brought the hope of life to me and my brother.
During staying in the hospital, I was thinking about the meaning of life and what he was living for.
The greatest meaning of life is the "live" itself, and that people need to live to have the opportunity to see hope. In the process of striving, it is not only for ourselves, but also for making the people around us happier and make the society “warmer”.

I was once on the verge of death, knows very well that the meaning of life is not always making money. People should engage in a career that helps people happy and promote social progress. This is the ultimate destination.

After that car accident, DUYIO naturally has a new mission: By using knowledge, design and innovation, encourage people to conquer the difficulties in their daily lives, love life, live actively, and always strive for a better future.