DUYIO‘s goal is to enhance the quality of your life with knowledge, design and technological innovation.

All our products are refined from the great knowledge in the long history of human beings and nature. When you placed an order from DUYIO, you will learn something that matters to your growth.

All the products are specially designed and manufactured by our skillful Designers and Engineers. We believe in High quality, Originality, Practicality, Simplicity and Sustainability.

  • We committed to use 100% environmental friendly, reusable and recyclable material and technology to produce our exceptional goods. All of them are strictly tested scientifically by institutes and laboratories before mass production, and their quality are superlative.
  • From the date of born, we insist in making every series of products by our own. All our engineers have more than 10 years experience and our designers are high-class. They make our high-grade items from an idea to a perfect real one.
  • Practical aesthetic design is one of DUYIO's brand philosophies. We focus on providing you with practical and aesthetic products, integrating the latest technology and fashion elements into product design to create a unique "DUYIO" style product. 
  • From the choice of materials to the processing of the craft, from the color matching to the determination of the structure, each step is a slow work, just to make the real items in life a simple and purely balanced form, so that your life can be more beautiful.